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SIM International

Smart Information Management International (SIM / SIM International) is a subsidiary of EAIG established to be a leading and trusted UAE National supplier of high quality smart services and products to serve public and private sectors, locally, domestically and internationally. SIM intends to grow this business rapidly, to implement smarter e-City/Country /Nation within planned timeframe of start-up and a significant foothold, initially, in UAE and in the neighbouring G.C.C Countries. From our foundation SIM is dedicated to provide value-added s-e-services to our customers by generating a successful partnership with them.


eLTE networks:

Reliable professional wireless trunking network to protect citizens from all foreign and domestic threats, protect its borders from attacks, maintain safe streets and secure business environments help drive economic development and improve social cohesion.

Soldier Systems:

Binoculars and spotting scopes, riflescopes and sniper scopes, reflex sights, night vision goggles and scopes , night vision sights, modular systems armoured vehicles.

Healthcare System Design:

The purpose of this system is to streamline the flow of information between domains, increasing the connectivity, thus adding value to both the patient and provider.

Logistics Automation solutions:

High Bay Automated Warehouse storage and material handling requirements for your supply chain (post packaging / bag house operations) and automated loading operations.


Address: P.O Box 5254, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: +971 2 642 1133
Fax: +971 2 557 0937
Website: www.sim-eai.ae