EAIG invests intelligently in the aerospace sector and established a company that demonstrates world renowned performance. The company creates innovative products, and delivers top caliber services to our clientele. We [..]

Digital Media, Marketing and Communications

In response to the increasing requirement to provide privacy, authentication and data integrity in the communication system of every organization, EAIG has launched an organization that provides communication and wireless [..]

Defense and Security

EAIG is investing in local resources to ensure security and development for the UAE’s future. It is well networked internally and externally which made it capable of effectively influencing stakeholders [..]


In purpose of providing effective and efficient management solutions to healthcare clients, EAIG formed an organization that provides a wide range of healthcare services to improve management operations and to [..]

Construction, Architecture and Real Estate

With the understanding of Abu Dhabi's vision, EAIG has invested in opening a company which aims to become a leading construction management company that delivers turnkey projects from inception stage [..]

Information and Communication Technology

EAIG is investing in information and communication technology to help in the development of  the IT sector in UAE. It focuses on providing competitive and advanced technology solutions to its [..]

Human Resources

As an Emirati company, EAIG feel a social responsibility towards the Emirates in developing leaders and business oriented people to help build a successful local economy. The UAE Center of [..]

Business Consultancy and Training

To serve the defense and government needs, EAIG through its subsidiary, is presently developing and will maintain the region’s most capable modeling & simulation environment for systems analysis of Network [..]

Food and Agriculture

To provide a wide range of Specialized Horticulture Product Cultivation and production, EAIG responds to the needs of the customers by investing in the food and agriculture sector. It has [..]

Fire Fighting

EAIG, through its subsidiaries, delivers innovative fire and rescue solutions for government seeking to prevent incident, protect assets and preserve life. We aim to become a recognized international private fire [..]


Catching-up with the rapid growth of EAIG, the company formed a travel agency that operates in the travel sector to provide both in-house and public travel services. Services Business and vacation travel [..]